Celestial Heart
Photomanipulation Artwork

Digital Art: Celestial Heart

Personal Piece: Photomanipulation

Call Out
Live Android App

App Design: Call Out

Live Android App, available on the Android Market

Iced Carbon - IP.B Print
Iced Carbon
IP.B Forum Print

Web Design: Iced Carbon

Personal Piece: IP.B Forum skin

Various Media
Media Branding and Design

Media Branding: Various Media Designs

Freelance Contests and Client Work

eCommerce Template
Web Design

Web Design: eCommerce Template

3 Page web Design eCommerce Template. Uncoded.

Welcome to FallnShadw.com, my personal and professional portfolio.

Here you can find my personal artwork and web design, as well as freelance and client work I've done.

A Little About Me

Hello. My name is Justin and I'm a freelance web & media designer and hobbyist digital artist. I also provide Online Marketing services. Artwork and design have always been a hobby of mine. I use to draw a lot, I play guitar and I created my first website when I was 10. I've always had an interest and love of art, in any form. In the last few years, I moved from traditional artwork to Digital, with the aid of Photoshop and other art programs, such as Apophysis. After years of just messing around with design and coding, I found it increasingly interesting and a good way to earn some extra cash. Recently I began expanding past just design and coding, into the realms of online marketing freelance. Including SEO, SMO and content creation. Allowing me to provide clients with a more rounded service than just creating their site. I can help create and build Social Media outlets to help bring more exposure to your site or small business.

Over the last few years, I've really decided to take my artwork and design to a more serious level. Dedicating more time and effort to both. By granting me a way to express myself in an unlimited fashion, digital artwork has become a serious part of my life. Artwork and design have always a hobby of mine and I love learning new techniques and improving my skill set. I enjoy making new pieces of artwork, some taking a long, long time, and look forward to improving as much as I can with the thanks of the art communities I join and the artists in friends I meet.

My Other Projects

CallOut, Android App. Coming Soon. Can't wait.

Friends & Affiliates

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Previous Clients

Private Clients

Favourite Artwork

Celestial Heart - Photomanip

Celestial Heart Large Canvas

Darkness - Fractal Art Piece

Darkness - Large Canvas

Zombie Rise - Small Canvas Art

Zombie Rise - Small Canvas

Welcome to my Eclipse

Eclipse - Large Canvas